Taste The Tropical Chemistry!

Potion Pink takes your mind to a deserted island,
where the sun shines bright and life is good.
Sipping on your favorite NUQ liquor, the taste
will bring you back to sweet memories and good times in a
tropical setting with nothing to worry about.

Potion Pink is the first Surinam-Dutch rum liquor,
based on natural flavors of
vanilla, raspberry, pear, rosewater and citrus.
Easily mixed with tonic, gingerbeer or sparkling water.

Imani Amira

Caribbean Perfect Serve

3 wedges of lime
35 ml of NUQliquor
Fill up with ice cubes
Top off with gingerbeer
Garnish lime wheel

NuQ Tonic

Perfect Serve

Half a lemon
35 ml of NUQliquor
Fill up with ice cubes
Top off with tonic
Garnish lemon wheel


6 wedges of lime
12 leaves of mint
30 ml of NUQliquor
Fill up with crushed ice
Top off with sparkling water
Garnish mint spring


6 wedges of lime
35 ml of NUQliquor
Fill up with crushed ice
Garnish lime part

I Am...

The impeccable dream of a talented mixologist and an ingenious DJ.
They have joined their mutual passion and extended knowledge about partying, mixing drinks, and most of all their innovative skills.

I Am...

The sweet and explosive introduction of a tropical heritage.
We are proud to present to you, the first Amsterdam/Surinam based rum liqueur.

I dare you to

Get NuQed!

because they give you the best of both worlds.
Taste me in an easy mix or let the bartender make you a special NuQtail.


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